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Looking For Great Sticky Notes, Document, And Web Annotation Tools? Quick Notes Plus And NoteZilla May Be The Answer

January 2nd, 2008 · 2 Comments · Time Management, Project Tools & Productivity

I’ve been looking for good a good Sticky Note application for a while now. I’ve looked at several such as MyStickies, but had not quite found one that provides all the features I need.

Today I may have found a winner!

Here’s the post I read in Google Answers:

I'm searching for a "post-it" software that allows to create post-it
like notes that can be attached to particular windows or applications.
When the window appears the note appears, when the windows disappears
the note disappears...

I found that StickyNote 9.0, Quick Notes Plus, Ptimemo, Mystickies and
the next version of Stickies (6.0) should have this feature but it] is
implemented very primitively in these programs.

Is there a better program with this feature?

So I kept reading, and it seems I may have found a winner here.

The application is called Quick Notes Plus and is produced by ConceptWorld, a company in Chennai, India. They have since created a premium version called NoteZilla.

You can get a copy of Quick Notes Plus Here, and NoteZilla Here.

Here is a feature comparison chart:


QNP 5.0

NoteZilla 7.0




Virtual Sticky Notes
(Sticky Notes for your PC that look like paper stickies similar to 3M Post-It® Notes)


(Folders to arrange sticky notes in order to avoid desktop clutter)


(easier to set)

Stick notes to Documents, Websites, Programs & Windows

(more flexible)

Find Notes

(advanced find)

Print Notes

Sticky Note Color, Skins, Transparency and Text Formatting (font, bullets, numbering, etc)

Sticky Note Transparency

(per note transparency)

Send Sticky Notes over Network

(also send notes to users on same computer)

Send Notes as Email

(attach sticky note as a file to an email)

Notes Browser
(Very handy tool to view, filter & organize notes)

Tags (Labels)
(Assign multiple categories to a single
note based on contexts, projects or topics)

Multiple Selection
(Work on multiple notes, drag and drop notes between memoboards)

(Allows you to view notes based on specific characteristics)


Password Protected Notes

Expire Notes
(Automatically deletes a note at specific time once the information in it becomes obsolete)

Insert Pictures inside Sticky Notes

Attach Files/Folders to Sticky Notes

Size Note To Content
(Automatically sizes the sticky note based on the text inside it)

Set Priority to Note

Checklist Sticky Notes
(Each line in a sticky note will have a checkbox that can be checked/unchecked)

Spell Checker

Characters Count, Word Count

Create notes in specific Desktop area
(Very useful specially in the case of multiple monitors)

Import/Export Notes

Synchronize Notes
(MS-Outlook & Palm OS Devices)

Operating System

Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 2000, ME, 98

Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 2000


QNP 5.0

NoteZilla 7.0

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  • 1 User // May 22, 2011 at 6:43 pm

    Notezilla is coming close to what I’m looking for, however I am encountering a problem.

    I have eight clients who each have separate folders. Within these folders, I save their booking files in folders by month.

    I am finding that if I stick a sticky note to the June folder in one client folder, it shows up in the June folder for all clients.

    Is there a way to get Notezilla to save sticky notes to specific file paths, rather than just the folder name?

  • 2 Gautam Jain // Jul 3, 2013 at 9:44 pm

    Hello @User,

    It is possible to stick notes to specific Windows Explorer folders. It just requires a change in Windows Explorer settings.

    We have written a post on this over here:


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